Kingston SSD Storage solutions for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

The online transaction processing or OLTP workloads usually comprise of a large number of fast and small transactions that require very fast response times in the sub-second region. As such, it is important to understand the IO/performance when looking for storage solutions for the OLTP workloads.

Generally, the data center solid-state disk SSD is among the ideal storage technologies due to its superior I/O throughput and response times compared to the slower spinning disks. Compared to the spinning hard disk systems, the SSD for OLTP has a better latency (more by a factor of 10).

The lack of rotational delay together with the near-zero seek times reduces the SSD’s response time and latency. For example, the Kingston datacenter SSD can sustain over 85000 read IOPs each, serving over 500MB/second per disk. This translates to very high-performance storage to efficiently support the unique demands for the OLTP workloads.

Online transaction processing workloads constant performance requirements

Usually, the OLTP workloads place a sustained demand on the IT resources and environment. As such, you require a system that provides the required constant performance throughout to keep up with these demands. However, the performance of some storage technologies such as the spinning disks, decline over time as you continue using the disk.

The performance decline is usually due to fragmentation as well as other issues like the different access speeds to the different locations of the disk platters, On the other hand, the SSDs have non-sequential read-write operations that enable them to perform better for longer times than the spinning disks. 

What makes the Kingston DC SSDs ideal for OLTP

Kingston SSD for Online Transaction Processing
KINGSTON SSD Model: SEDC450R/480G @ $101.99 -Walmart

Typical solutions include the Kingston DC400, DC450, and other datacenter SSDs which provide superior performance and resilience to support the OLTP workloads while protecting the sensitive transaction data. The disks have built-in advanced error correction and a firmware-based power loss protection technology to protect the data and maintain its integrity in the event of a sudden power outage. Another advantage of the Kingston datacenter SSD is the factory configured overprovisioning that helps to extend the service life of the SSD device. The combined technologies ensure secure and safe OLTP transactions throughout the SSD’s life cycle. 

In summary, the Kingston datacenter SSD has the following characteristics that are ideal in supporting online transaction processing

  • Worry-free performance and enterprise-class reliability to fully and efficiently support OLTP workloads
  • Low latency performance that is faster than other storage solutions serving the unique OLTP workloads
  • Over 550MB/second per disk throughput performance
  • Sustained performance – over 85,000 (Steady state) IOPS and 100,000 IOPS (random read) per disk.
  • Built-in advanced error correction in addition to the end-to-end data protection ensures data integrity, safety, and security. 

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