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Top 5G Technology Applications

The 5G technology, still in its infancy, is set to have a big impact on the way we communicate. One of the main benefits is the high speeds, which are much greater than what we get from the 3 and 4 G networks. In fact, the 5G speeds will be in the Gigabytes per second […]

Vital Pieces Of Wifi Security Camera

A security system comprises of several components to keep your home or business secure. Each of the parts plays an important role in the overall protection system. By working together, the parts increases the functions and scope of your security system. By working together, the parts increases the functions and scope of your security system. […]

What are Hot-Swap Controllers?

Hot-swap controllers are circuits that allow electronic modules to be safely inserted or removed from active backplanes. The controllers manage the initial current to the newly inserted circuit, and prevent the flow of inrush currents that can damage the electronic components, or cause equipment malfunction.   Limiting the high transient currents makes it possible to […]

Schottky Diode Basics and Characteristics

A Schottky diode is a unilateral, metal-semiconductor device, with a low forward voltage drop and fast switching capabilities. Its characteristics are almost similar to those of the conventional PN diode. However, the Schottky diodes have superior properties such as the low forward voltage drop, fast switching in addition to producing less noise. They are widely […]

How to Make Good Solder Joints

A good solder joint provides a strong and reliable means of connecting electronic components electrically and mechanically within the circuitry. The quality of a solder joint depends on factors such as the soldering iron, surface cleanliness, and technique used.     Adhering to good soldering practices ensures reliable and stable connections while preserving the original […]

What is an EFT Switch – Electronic Funds Transfer switch?

An EFT switch is an integrated system with the ability to accept, authorize and securely route financial transactions according to set rules. The Electronic Funds Transfer switch provides a crucial link between multiple customers’ touch points and a financial institution’s back office system, hence allowing the banks to deliver multiple self-service channels. The self-service features […]

Constant Current

What is Constant Current? The constant current source or driver is a circuit whose output current remains constant regardless changes in its voltage, or load resistance. The constant current circuits are used in applications such as current limiters, supplying LEDs for illumination applications such as display back-lighting and other current sensitive circuits. The load current […]

New type of soft, growing robot created

A newly developed vine-like robot can grow across long distances without moving its whole body. It could prove useful in search and rescue operations and medical applications. Imagine rescuers searching for people in the rubble of a collapsed building. Instead of digging through the debris by hand or having dogs sniff for signs of life, […]

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