High-Quality Industrial Power Supplies from FSP

Digitalization has become one of the main modern trends, actively covering a wide range of spheres of human activity, including industry and transport. And when creating the industrial computer systems necessary for automation, it is impossible to do without specialized components and assemblies, and of course, one of the mandatory is the power supply.

Most IT professionals are familiar with the specifications of power supplies used in personal computers. They were standardized at the start of the computer era when PCs with ATX motherboards saw the light of day. And since then, this important platform node has evolved in the MicroATX, FlexATX, and SFX modifications. Initially, PSUs for personal systems provided supply through three main lines +3.3 V, +5 V, and +12 V. But over time, this set was supplemented with another +5 V SB (Standby) line, which made it possible to implement software on / off, as well as the function of remote exit from “sleep”. It would seem, what else can be improved in these nodes?

FSP1200-50FS power supply unit

The FSP1200-50FS is a high-quality industrial redundant power supply (CRPS). It offers up to 1200 watts of power and is 80+ Platinum certified, making it ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications:
data centers, storage servers, 2U / 3U / 4U rack servers, workstations, and servers. networks and industrial servers initially,

The PC power supplies were designed to operate in a comfortable environment. And their reliability was determined rather by the desire to reduce the cost of the solution than to improve it. But you must agree that the placement of a power supply unit as part of a computer control system in a production workshop, onboard a car or ship, or to ensure the supply of medical diagnostic equipment imposes completely different requirements for ensuring operation with an increased level of vibrations, in an extended range of temperatures and humidity, and also sets tougher limits for electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, there are specialized industrial power supplies on the market. It is enough to briefly list their features to understand that standard power supplies for mass personal computers are simply not able to compete with such devices.

The FSP500-50RAB power supply unit

FSP500-50RAB is a unique 80+ Gold certified PS2 ATX redundant power supply. It provides the same functionality as a conventional 500W ATX PSU plus hot-swappable functionality. Typical Application:
Workstations, Tower Servers, Equipment Upgrades

A shortlist of industrial power supply applications includes video surveillance systems, NAS systems, broadcast studios, measurement and test equipment, security, industrial vehicles, industrial servers, networks, and retail outlets and vending machines. To begin with, industrial power supplies undergo rigorous testing before entering the market to ensure the required level of reliability from six months to two years. And the life cycle of such power supply units is 3-7 years, which makes it possible to easily ensure their service and uninterrupted operation of complex platforms for which such units are supplied. For comparison, standard power supplies for office PCs undergo accelerated testing, and their life cycle does not exceed two years. The manufacturer of industrial power supply units provides a substantial stock of elemental base and other components, while mass power supply units do not require such an approach, and when they are released, they seek to speed up the warehouse turnover as much as possible. As a result, industrial power supplies are supplied in smaller batches, their lines are small.

FSP500-50FDB power supply unit

The FSP500-50FDB is a typical industrial power supply for installation in a 1U chassis. It is certified as 80+ Gold, which makes it a good solution for many applications:
Servers, communication devices, and other automation devices.

One of the leading suppliers of industrial power supplies is FSP. In its line of such solutions, there are power supplies designed for various operating conditions. So for the industrial sector, the FSP500-70AGB, FSP600-80PSA (SK), and FSP850-50FGPH3 series are optimized. They, in particular, meet the requirements of the IEC 61850-3 standard, which regulates the use of electronics in the power generation sector. And, say, the FSP150-K24-12 series is certified according to the IEC 60945 standard for marine navigation and communications. It should be borne in mind that the operating conditions, in this case, correspond to the location of the equipment not only in the wheelhouse but also on the deck.

For example, equipment for installation on trains must ensure a no-failure operation of at least 250 thousand hours. And this must be guaranteed in combination with resistance to adverse operating conditions such as an operating temperature range of −40 ° C to + 85 ° C and increased vibrations. In the arsenal of FSP, there is a power supply unit FSP150-H135-12A, which just meets all these requirements.

It is also worth noting that all new IPC FSP PSUs are compliant with EN62368 as well as RoHS.

FSP has extensive experience in the segment of power supplies and is included in the TOP-5 of the largest manufacturers of these devices. And its experts will always be able to help if you need to select the necessary industrial solution.