What is Redshift?

Redshift is a data warehouse service that runs complex and massive analytics workloads to produce actionable data.

Using parallelizing, columnar storage technology and distributing queries across multiple nodes, the petabyte-scale service can run and deliver fast query and I/O performance for all kinds and sizes of datasets.

This allows organizations to run quick, efficient and cost-effective complex analytics queries against massive structured data.

Amazon Redshift

The Amazon Redshift, which is the most popular, is a fully managed data warehouse that is simple, fast and cost-effective solution for analyzing huge amounts of data. The Redshift service uses the standard SQL queries as well as other Business Intelligence tools (BI tools). This allows organizations to run complex analytic queries on huge structured data (in the petabyte-scale) using massively parallel query execution, columnar storage on high-performance local disks, and sophisticated query optimization.

Since it is very fast, the users receive the results within a few seconds. The Redshift pricing is low, flexible and usually based on the amount of data to analyze. For example, you can start at a $0.25 per hour service which has no commitments, and gradually increase when there is need at much less cost compared to traditional solutions.

The cost of the Amazon Redshift is usually less than one tenth of the traditional solutions. For example, it costs about $1,000 per terabyte per year, hence giving an organization the opportunity to scale out to more amounts of data, depending on their needs at lower costs.

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