Samsung LPDDR5 16GB Memory Volume Production

Samsung has announced the start of volume production of 16Gb LPDDR5 memory with the third generation (1z) EUV 10 nanometer manufacturing process. The new second line of the Pyeongtaek manufacturing plant is fundamental to sustain market demand.

The new memory, in addition to ensuring a higher capacity (2 GB), has 16% higher performance than the previous generation of 12 gigabit LPDDR5 (1.5 GB): there is in fact a jump from 5500 Mb / s to 6400 Mb / s. According to Samsung, the new memory, inserted in a 16 GB package thanks to the union of 8 chips, is able to transfer ten 5 GB Full HD videos or 51.2 GB of data in one second.

Thanks to the new 1z process, the package of the new LPDDR5 is 30% thinner than in the past, thus allowing the creation of thinner devices with greater functionality (thanks to the less space occupied by the memory). Meanwhile, to support the production of both DRAM and NAND, the South Korean company announced the expansion of the Pyeongtaek production complex, with a line 2 that extends over 128,900 square meters, equivalent to 16 football fields.