QNAP and ULINK Release AI Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS

QNAP has partnered with ULINK Technology to unveil a cloud-based storage analytics tool. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this application allows you to predict disk failures and take proactive measures to protect against downtime and data loss.

As noted, DA Drive Analyzer uses statistics obtained from the cloud artificial intelligence portal ULINK. Based on the historical usage data of millions of drives provided by users, the DA Drive Analyzer Drive Health Predictive Tool applies machine learning to track historical behavior and can find drive failure events that would not be flagged by traditional diagnostic tools that rely on SMART The application user interface has also become more intuitive, making it easier to understand and organize disk replacement planning based on well-defined information about them.

“Artificial intelligence today allows us to solve many real problems. By applying this technology to predict disk failures, ULINK can actively and continuously monitor disks, detect problems, predict failures, and notify end-users through our cloud computing system. We are delighted to be working with QNAP to develop this service and are confident that many will benefit from it, ”said Joseph Chen, CEO of ULINK Technology.

“As a leading storage vendor, QNAP is well aware that potential server downtime is a major concern for users, and that sudden disk failure is one of the root causes. We are honored to partner with ULINK to develop the DA Drive Analyzer, which helps users, especially IT staff, manage a large number of NAS devices. We anticipate this tool will be of great help to businesses looking to create advanced disaster recovery plans, ”said Tim Lin, product manager at QNAP.

DA Drive Analyzer software can be downloaded from the Application Center. A free trial version of DA Drive Analyzer (until March 5, 2022) is available for annual subscriptions.

The app supports all QNAP NAS with QTS 5.0 / QuTS hero h5.0 (or newer) and all QNAP expansion units (except TR series). It is noted that SAS and NVMe drives are not currently supported by DA Drive Analyzer. Some SATA drives may not be supported due to firmware settings.


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