QNAP and DataCore Optimizes Storage and Archiving in Hybrid Environments

QNAP Systems announced a partnership with DataCore that will allow it to use the latter’s vFilO file system for automated on-premise file transfer and archiving. This offering will enable enterprises with distributed hybrid environments to centralize storage (including block, file, and object storage) and maximize storage efficiency through automated, AI-powered tiering.

Users will be able to run vFilO as a virtualization layer with QNAP QuTS hero TS-h2490FU flash drives as primary servers for storing metadata and active data and use the cheaper TVS-h1688X (S3- compatible object storage with the QuObjects application).

With DataCore vFilO on the primary NAS, IT staff can easily set policies to back up data on the secondary NAS, for example, based on the frequency of access, and manage billions of files.

DataCore vFilO’s support for Software-Defined Storage (SDS) simplifies scalability, allowing you to connect up to forty NAS, flexibly expanding storage capacity as needed.

“DataCore vFilO creates a scalable global file system across distributed sites spanning on-premises and cloud NFS and SMB resources. It continually load-balances, protects and migrates files between active primary tiers and secondary tiers such as S3 Object Storage. Users can easily apply a software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility by combining and matching storage of their choice based on cost, performance, and other individual needs, ”said Joshua Lai, DataCore’s technical account manager.

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